Telehandler Rental

How versatile are telehandlers?

A telehandler, or telescopic handler, is a machine commonly used in construction and agriculture. They combine the functionality of a crane with the mobility and flexibility of a forklift, along with a few other applications. They can lift materials to high places and the possibility of swapping attachments make them useful for a wide range of jobs. Here’s why a telehandler rental may be just the thing you need for your construction project.

Are telehandlers useful on a job site?

Telehandlers have many diverse capabilities that make them a smart investment for almost any and all construction projects. Here are some of their features:

They have attachments for any job. Telehandlers have interchangeable attachments, enabling them to perform varied functions. These include pallet fork attachments, baskets to safely lift a worker to a high place, snow ploughs and more. Also available are grapple buckets for moving large loads and material buckets for spreading gravel or levelling earth.

Better than a forklift. Telehandlers work great in spaces with limited room to manoeuvre, like warehouses and cramped construction sites. This is primarily because they can turn in very tight spots. However, contrary to an ordinary forklift, which usually only lifts things a few metres off the ground, a telehandler can place things as high up as rooftops, allowing for far more versatile warehousing and stock management solutions.

They’re sturdy and durable. Telehandlers can operate on uneven or rocky terrain. In extreme weather, the cab can be equipped with heat or air conditioning as well as powerful headlights to ensure safe operation. In addition, many models have hydraulic systems designed to help keep them in position on uneven ground. Intuitive controls allow operators to use the machine safely and to place objects exactly where they need to be.

They’re more practical. Using a telehandler instead of a crane can be a good idea, especially if you’re working on a complex job that requires many different types of machinery. They can also replace backhoe loaders and tractor loaders, which typically need a ramp, whereas a telehandler can easily lift and move materials without one. This cuts down on the overall cost of machinery.

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