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Equipment North provides equipment rentals, sales and tools in Sudbury and Timmins. Read our blog to learn more about our services and stay up to date on the latest news and information about our equipment.

  • Skidsteer rental
    Advantages of Skidsteer Rentals

    Skidsteer loaders are the most versatile rental construction equipment The name skidsteer comes from a unique steering feature that allows them to turn 360 degrees within their length. This ability gives them the advantage of maneuvering in tight spaces. Skidsteer loaders don’t have a front set of wheels that guide the wheels at the back. This results in one side of the loader turning faster than the other side, causing it to skid.

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  • Telehandler Rental
    How versatile are telehandlers?

    A telehandler, or telescopic handler, is a machine commonly used in construction and agriculture. They combine the functionality of a crane with the mobility and flexibility of a forklift, along with a few other applications. They can lift materials to high places and the possibility of swapping attachments make them useful for a wide range of jobs. Here’s why a telehandler rental may be just the thing you need for your construction project.

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  • backhoe rental
    Buying or Renting Construction Equipment: Which is Better?

    If you have some big projects coming your way, deciding to whether to buy or rent the required construction equipment and tools could be very difficult. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with both. Evaluate your company’s current situation (financial capabilities and otherwise) and your plans before making a decision that will be most advantageous to your business. If you are seeking backhoe rentals in Sudbury and Timmins, Equipment North Inc can help. We strive to provide you with top-quality equipment and services. We also provide mining and underground equipment.

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  • Excavator rentals
    Trenching and Excavation: Occupational Hazards and Safety Tips

    Excavation refers to the process of moving earth, rock and other such materials using tools and equipment. It has numerous applications in exploration, mining and construction. Excavation is commonly carried out during the construction of foundations, reservoirs and roads. A trench is a type of excavation that is deeper and narrower, usually dug to install underground infrastructure (gas pipelines, water pipelines and telephone lines). If you are looking for excavator rentals in Sudbury, Equipment North Inc can help. We have an extensive range of compact excavators, ranging from 2,300 lbs to 37,000 lbs.

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