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Dependable Skidsteer Rentals

At Equipment North Inc., we have a large inventory of rental equipment and can even provide delivery services so you get your equipment on site and on time. We also offer 24 hour service, with top mechanics on call seven days a week. If you have any issues with your equipment, call our office and someone will come to your site and resolve the problem so you can get back to work. For more information about the tools and equipment we carry, click on the links on this page.

Tools and Equipment

Aerial Equipment

scissor lift


Straight and Articulating Booms up to 180'

We offer electric, indoor-style units that are intended for use on concrete slabs, as well as gas/propane and diesel rough-terrain units that can operate on uneven ground. Depending on the model, these units can reach from 30’ to 180'.

scissor lift


Indoor and Rough Terrain Scissorlifts to 50'

Scissorlifts are available either as electric, indoor-style units that are designed to operate on concrete slabs, or as gas/diesel/propane, rough terrain units that can travel over uneven ground.

Compressors and Air Tools



We carry a broad range of compressors, from small electric units for residential use to 1600 CFM rotary screw units designed for industrial use.


Air Tools

We carry a wide assortment of pneumatic tools from top manufacturers such as Sullair, Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand. Whether you require rock breakers, rivet busters, chippers, drills or winches, we have what you need.

Compaction Equipment

compaction equipment

Plate Compactors, Jumping Jacks, Rollers and More

We are an authorized dealer for Ammann compaction equipment. Our rental fleet contains a broad range of compactors, including walk-behind rollers, single-drum rollers, double-drum rollers, plate compactors and jumping jacks.

Concrete and Masonry

concrete tools

Concrete and Masonry Equipment and Tools

We rent and sell a wide range of concrete and masonry tools and equipment, including:


  • Bull floats

  • Concrete mixers

  • Mortar mixers

  • Power trowels

  • Cut-off saws

  • Diamond blades

  • Tile saws

  • Concrete vibrators

  • Wheel barrows

Earthmoving Equipment



Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders and Backhoes

Whether you require a tracked skidsteer for your small residential project or a large articulating wheel loader for road construction, we can provide you with the right equipment.



Excavators for Any Size of Job

We have a wide range of compact excavators, ranging from 2,300 lbs to 37,000 lbs. Yanmar excavators are known world-wide for their durability, reliability, versatility, and innovative design.

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backhoe loader

Backhoe Loaders

For Home or Industry

Backhoe loaders are available with integrated tool carriers and full cabs with A/C, our backhoes are sure to make your project a breeze, regardless of scope.

Electric Tools

electric tools

Wide Selection of Electric Tools

As an authorized dealer for Hilti and Husqvarna construction products, we have a large inventory of hammer drills, electric breakers, core drills, cutoff saws, tile saws and other electric tools. We also have a wide selection of bits and accessories for rental and sale.

Scaffolding, Fencing and Ladders

scaffolding and accessories

Scaffolding and Accessories

We have a large inventory of scaffolding, including:


  • Aluminum ply deck (7')

  • Baker's scaffold

  • Baseplates

  • Casters (8")

  • Extra braces

  • Farm wagons

  • Frames (3'x5', 5'x3' and 5'x5', including braces)

  • Frame arches (6'x5')

  • Guard rail assemblies (4 posts and 4 rails)

  • Inner braces (horizontal)

  • Outriggers

  • Screw jacks (with baseplates)

  • Side brackets (24")

  • Swing stages

  • Vertical shore posts


Temporary Fencing, Snow Fencing and Barricades

Whether you're planning an event or managing a construction site, we have a fencing solution for you. We keep large quantities of different types of fencing in stock at all times.


A-Frame and Extensions Ladders

We have a large selection of different types of ladders to suit your project.

Forklifts and Telehandlers


Rough Terrain and Semi-Industrial from 4,000 to 33,000 lbs

We have a wide range of mast-style forklifts in our rental fleet, ranging from 4,400 lbs capacity to 15,000 lbs. These units are available in propane, gas or diesel models with different types of tires to suit your application.


Rough Terrain Telescopic Forklifts

With a wide selection of telescopic forklifts models in stock, our rough-terrain Manitou units have capacities that range from 4,000 lbs to 46,000 lbs with 12’ to 80’ reach.



Generators and Accessories

We carry a broad range of generators, from small gas-powered units to 30kW tow-behind generators. We are able to source much larger units for your project as required.

Heaters and Fans


Heaters and Accessories

We have a wide selection of diesel, electric and propane heaters. These range from 400,000 BTU diesel heaters that can be paired with air ducts to direct heat to small radiant heaters to heat enclosed spaces.


Fans and Accessories

We have different sizes of electric fans and ducts to circulate air and ventilate enclosed spaces.

Hoisting and Rigging


Clamps, Trolleys, Hoists and More

We rent many different hoisting and rigging devices, including:


  • Beam clamps

  • Beam trolleys

  • Chain hoists (electric and manual)

  • Come-alongs

  • Snatch blocks

  • Tirfors

  • Air tuggers

Lawn and Garden

lawn and garden

Lawn and Garden Equipment and Tools

We rent many different hoisting and rigging devices, including:


  • Chainsaws

  • Weed trimmers

  • Log splitters

  • Wood chippers

  • Lawn rollers



Lighting Solutions

Our rental fleets includes a wide range of lighting solutions to illuminate your event of work site, including 4000W, diesel powered light tower, 1000W electric light stands and light strings.

Material Handling


Lifting and Ramming

We carry a variety of styles of mechanical and hydraulic jacks and rams, from 1 ton to 50 ton capacity. 

pallet truck

Rollers, Pallet Trucks and Carts

We stock new and used pallet trucks (manual and electric), bottle carts, dollies and Hillman rollers.

material lift

Other Material Handling Tools

We carry conveyors, material lifts, drywall lifts and other equipment for moving material.



Plumbing Equipment and Tools

We carry a variety of pipe rollers, pipe stands, pipe wrenches, tube benders and nipple chucks.



Pumps and Accessories

We sell and rent a wide array of pumps and accessories:


  • Gas and diesel-powered water pumps

  • Submersible pumps

  • Gas-powered trash pumps

  • Water separators

  • Intake and discharge hoses

  • Fittings

Traffic and Survey Equipment

traffic signs

Traffic Cones, Signs and Other Essentials

We have a wide selection of traffic management and safety supplies, including:


  • Pavement marking tape

  • Traffic cones

  • Traffic barrels

  • Strobe beacons

  • Flashing arrow boards

  • Programmable light signs

  • Self-supporting and handheld traffic signs

survey equipment

Survey Tools and Equipment

We stock survey equipment for both rental and sale, including:


  • Self-levelling laser levels

  • Survey rods

  • Tripods

  • Tape measures

  • Survey levels

  • Marking paint

Trailers and Storage


Trailers, Job Boxes and Shipping Containers

Whether you need a trailer to move your rental equipment or need to securely store your own equipment on your work site, we have a solution for you. Our rental fleet includes:


  • Drop-deck trailers

  • Enclosed trailers

  • Job boxes

  • 8' x 20' shipping containers

  • 8' x 40' shipping containers

  • Office trailers complete with tables and chairs

Welding Equipment

welding equipment

Welders and Welding Accessories

We have a wide selection of diesel and electric welder as well as welding accessories:


  • Powerpacks

  • Welder remotes

  • Line feeders

  • Welding cable

  • Multi-process electric welders

  • Ground clamps and whips

  • Skid-mounted and towable diesel welders

24/7 Service Available

Our trained technicians are always on call to solve your problems

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