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Quality Forklift and Mining Equipment Rentals 

Equipment North specializes in sourcing and converting equipment for use in underground environments. In addition to developing machines specifically for use underground, such as Miner forklifts, Minerscopic telehandlers and the Halman EN Creter, we are experts at breaking down equipment for being transported in or slung beneath mine cages. If you cannot find equipment to do a specific job, we can either find the right equipment for you or work with you to create the product you need. Reach out to us if you are in need of our forklift and mining equipment

rental services in Sudbury. We also offer construction equipment and excavators for rent.

Underground Equipment and Tools : 

Ramp-Ready Forklifts and Telehandlers: 

Equipment North's Miner and Minerscopic-series forklifts and telehandlers have been operating in mines across North America since 1990. With fully ramp-approved triple-redundant braking systems, catalytic exhaust, fire suppression and high-luminosity LED lighting these units will contribute to making your mine a safer and more productive work environment. Check out more information about some of our mining equipment: 



Personnel Carriers

carrier 1500

Forklift and Telehandler Mining Attachments

Innovative Mining Material Handling Solutions

Mining is a tough work environment that requires innovative technological solutions. From Raise Bore Rod Grapples to Tire Handlers and Cable Reels, Manitou rises to this challenge by offering a diverse range of telehandler solutions specifically for the mining industry. Browse the Manitou Mining Catalogue to see what Manitou can do to help your company to save time and money. Equipment North also designs and manufactures attachments for mining, including high capacity work platforms and shotcrete jibs and stars.

Compact Mobile Shotcrete Solutions and Equipment

Compact enough to drive fully-assembled into even the smallest mine cages fully-assembled, the EN Creter is an extremely rugged and reliable mobile shotcrete platform designed to allow a single operator to efficiently apply shotcrete to vertical and overhead rock faces without needing scissor trucks or manually operated hoses or nozzles. The EN Creter virtually eliminates the health and safety hazards of manual shotcreting. The entire operation can be controlled at a safe distance using a fail-safe remote control.

Pumps, Hoses and Nozzles

We stock traditional shotcrete pumps, hoses and nozzles.

Mine-Approved Contractor Tools: Welders, Compactors and Small Tools

We have a wide selection of mine-approved welders, plate compactors, plasma cutters and accessories to help you get your job done.

24/7 Service Available

Our trained technicians are always on call to solve your problems. For more information on our forklift and mining equipment rentals in Sudbury, fill out our online form.

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